17 NOV 2000

24 NOV

26 NOV

02 JAN 2001

Dorle and Crusty get to know each other.



Our veterinarian states pregnancy by ultrasound.

28 JAN

Last veterinary check-up before birth; we expect the puppies this night!!

29 JAN

31 JAN

04 FEB

Dorle gives birth to five whelps between 00:45 and 07:30.

We want to give our puppies the following names:
Afra, Alba, Ambra, Angie and Aspe.

After one week all whelps have gained a lot of weight
(see the picture in the middle below).

09 FEB

Today some puppies have opened their eyes for the first time and they try to do their first steps. But still mother’s milk is most important
of all.

<Welpen am 29. Januar 2001> <Welpen am 4. Februar 2001> <Welpen am 9. Februar>

13 FEB

The whelps move around eagerly and try to bark.

24 FEB

Today we take the puppies outside for the first time.

<Afra vom Fuchsberg> <Alba, Ambra und Angi>
<Aspe und Angi> <Afra vom Fuchsberg>

25 FEB

The pack is hungry!

<hungrige Meute> <Period of quiet on March 5th>

05 MAR

All puppies come together for a rest.

15 MAR

Today we make an excursion into the hunting ground.

<Reviergang 15. März> <Angie vom Fuchsberg>
<neue  Eindrücke>
<Dorle und ihre Meute>
<erste Wasserberührung> <Breather>

15 MAR

On the way home a lot of new impressions have to be digested.

<Ausruhen während der Heimfahrt> <erste Berührung mit dem Fuchs>

15 MAR

Moreover, our whelps come in contact with a fox for the first time.

25 MAR

Today it is time to say goodbye as three new owners come to pick up their puppies. Aspe leaves for Celle, Angie for Hanover and Alba for Switzerland;
Ambra will be taken to Lüneburg in a fortnight and our last puppy, Afra vom Fuchsberg, will stay with us until the beginning of September to leave for Norway then.

<Goodby Aspe on March 25th> <Ambra lying in the sun>

27 MAR

Ambra explores our backyard in the sunshine.

08 APR

Dorle and Afra relax after swimming.

<Dorle und Afra after taking a bath> <Swimming in the North Sea>

02 AUG

Swim training in the North Sea. It works well in twos.

11 AUG

Afra, Aspe and Ambra vom Fuchsberg meet again at the Weimaraner-Zuchtschau.

<Afra, Ambra and Aspe> <Goodby Afra on September 11th>

10 SEP

Afra leaves for Svindall, Norway, today.