In autumn 2001 Dorle vom flachen Lande and Crusty vom Eichenkamp (details about both dogs can be found under <Breeding>) met again so that eight splendid whelps were born on January 12th, 2002.

<Puppies on January 16th> <Bella, Birke and Balou vom Fuchsberg>
<Kennel on February 7th>
<February 10th, 2002>
<Feeding on February 10th>
<Adventure playground> <Baxter vom Fuchsberg>
<Beppo vom Fuchsberg>
<Birke vom Fuchsberg>
<Dorle with offspring on March 2nd> <Fuchsberg on March 2nd>
<Fuchsberg on March 2nd> <Exploring the forest>
<First contact with water>
<Exploring the forest>
<Dorle and Benni>
<First contact with water>